29 August - National Sports Day

Posted by The Open Page | 28/8/2019

National Sports Day

The National Sports Day is celebrated throughout India on 29 August, every year. This day marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand, a legendary hockey player who brought glory to the nation by winning three Olympic gold medals. This day highlights the need for sports and development of children in aspects beyond the classroom.

According to a recent research, 61% of Indian school-going children lack the skills needed to engage in sports. These skills include locomotor skills which are developed by running and hopping, manipulative skills which are de veloped by throwing and catching, spatial awareness and coordination skills. Only by continuous practice can the aptitude in a 

sport increase, which will in turn develop the skills.

Need for outdoor sport:

Sports/play time is a significant aspect of a child’s life.  Children need to be encouraged to play as much as possible, rather than spending time with smart devices.

With numerous schools making ‘play-time’ mandatory for children, it is important to understand the role of sports in today’s world and why it is necessary for children to go beyond the textbooks.

  1. Reduce screen time Studies have shown that, children are prone to spending more time with tablet, phones and television. Introducing them to a sport at very young age will not only keep them away from technology but will also help them stay healthy.
  2. Make them active Being active involves regular exercise, which in turn strengthens the bones and the muscles, induces better sleep, and helps in weight management.
  3. To spend time with friends Taking up a sport is a way to ensure quality time with friends. Such quality time helps to build the friendship.
  4. To develop networking skills Networking is an important skill that has to be inculcated in children, right from a very young age. Sports aids in networking by allowing children to connect with not only their classmates, but with children across different age group.
  5. To improve  Sports help children to develop their thinking skills and decision-making skills. This will further aid in decision making skillsdevelopment of judgement skills and a better understanding of perspectives.

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