Protect your Precious and Delicate Eyes

Posted by The Open Page | 18th April 2018

 Protect your Precious and Delicate Eyes
can you think there are sunscreen lotion for your skin but what is there for your eye to protect?
let’s see what make us out to help our eyes 
when you move out make sure that your eyes should be covered with complete ultraviolet protection.
use goggles at the swimming pool as chlorine is diluted in the water to protect you from the gems, but has the potential to hurt your eyes.
before touching to your eyes wash your hands and avoid rubbing your eyes. doctors says that best way to protect your eyes from the spread of communicable disease is simply to wash your hand on a regular basis. this will avoid spreading eyes disease.
sometime wearing sunglasses does not give enough protection to our eyes , usually have gaps along the sides where uvr exposure occurs .if your add a hat with brim at least 3 inches wide can help to give maximum protection to your eyes.
protect your eyes the application of chemicals made products,, may be its soap, spray, face wash, splashing cleaning solutions.
keep children’s eye safe at earliest as they play outside and remain in dust more time than elders .particular during the warmer days apply sunscreen on the face and put a wide brim hat on their head.
we know that  usage of chemical  products are  not only the reason for damming your eyes but environment too effects. so make possibility to avoid abrasions of foreign particles in your eyes.
whenever you go for outdoor activities always protect your eyes from the sun rays
eat healthy and consume lots of water .remember that what you eat has the power to affect how you see well. there are many food rich in nutrients that improve your eye sighs and help in developing the long term vision. 
regular usage of eye drops minimize pain of eyes and relaxes your eyes and manage other eye problems too but with recommendation.
off course an adequate sleep is necessary for healthy eyes, particularly in busy and  burden schedule. 

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