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The audiovisual medium is the best medium of learning. It’s a proven fact. This the reason it has entered and conquered education sector. Last week I happen to watch movie “ Jagga Jasoos”. Being a hyperactive person, I can’t sit at one place for a very long time at one place…but this time it wasn’t the same.
Post the show time, the movie and its entire flow keep on hovering my mind.
‘Jagga Jasoos is an undeniably, bold experiment. It’s a soothing experience which beautifully amalgamates prose and poetry. It brings up the unconventional screenplay structured as chapters from a comic book. The storyteller Katina Kaif..plays a playful..Charismatic teacher librarian who manages to pull kids remain attached to the comic series of Jagga. This brings about the thoughtful shift of involving students in to the world of fantasy, merry characters and rhyming dialogues. It is a interesting way to involve students to love theatre and poetry.’
Earlier to this I have seen such an brilliant effort of use of ballads only in Beauty and the beast of Disney house. He manages to conquer the stammering by using musical methods of solving mysteries are the most exciting bits. It is a astonishing movie that’s cleverly written and perfectly choreographed.” Bad Lucky, Tukka Laga, Chocolatey Chunnu and Khaana Khaake Daaru Peekey Chale Gaye” are not only visual treat but chirpy and tingling which manages to pull the charm.
Learning exp:- The complex topics and fundamentals can be converted into interesting ones!!!
Tuty futy aka Mr. Bagchi..helps the little Jagga to overcome the obstacles of stammering by teaching him to use creative way of talking in lyrical way!! What a inspirational teacher…so effortlessly he manages to pull Jagaa out of troubled situations.. “rhyming dialogues,” are comical and catchy which is the icing of the cake. [Use of right brain and left brain]
“Left brain: Linear thinking, sequential processing, logical decision-making, reality-oriented.
Right brain:- Holistic thinking, random processing, intuitive decision-making, non-verbal processing, fantasy- oriented.” The JJ’s character sketch is a very highly distilled and purified lethal yet pious combination of these factual traits.
“The video tapes” sent by the Tuti futy plays a crucial role in the movie which comes with a very strong message “ you can mould your child the way you want…for which you need not to be 24 x 7 with him /her. Two negatives(-) +(-) add on to become positive this maths fact is shown up by JJ’s conviction to take help of KK to find out his lost tuty futy…The accidental meeting of JJ na Tuty futy gradually turns out to be a life long relationship. The movie dares to bring out such infrequent yet astonishing…rare yet inimitable relation between a father and son.
Learning exp:- Fathers too can raise confident and cool citizens equally!!. Parenting can be fun…the child should be made independent thinker and decision maker. Parent should also enjoy the small or big failures with the child.
The presence of a heroine is merely as to add salt n pepper in our traditional typecast movies. Breaking the stereotype, JJ manages to portray a strong female lead. In spite of loss of her boyfriend, she is not depressed and continues the journey of an investigating journalist. She does celebrate the birthday of her late BF. It gives a highly concentrated message to all those who slips into depression on account of small little problems.
The cinematic treat help us navigate the other parts of the world.Jagga manages to teach us to be critical and independent. He teaches us to not to believe everything and anything shown to you. In this firm belief he pulls us smartly and prepares our mind to be highly confident, ready to survive in minimal conditions, critical thinking and greatly optimistic.
Thanks to the makers of the film…Mr. Anurag Basu and team..alongwith Mr. Ranbeer & Ms. Katrina who dared to explore the unexplored genre. These all things have left an indelobel mark on my life…so surely I will execute in real.
Ms.Shubhangi Rajput


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