Posted by The Open Page | 19th Apri 2018

Hey !!! friends Do you know drinking warm water keeps your body free of toxins ,makes you fit and gives you charm and soft and youthful skin.
Schedule your morning activity by drinking a glass of water which should be little warm, how will you be judging its warmness. So it should not be hot nor be cold. 
 As such maximum water consumption is good for health ,its not just limited to drink it in the morning only but you can drink whenever you want. If you have habit of drinking less water than keep an alarm in a clock to remind your to drink water.
It helps in relieves constipation .
It improves your digestion capacity of your stomach, if you are suffering from poor digestion . 
It helps the body to throw out the excess stomach acids ,neutralize digestive juices.
It  subsides sore throat which is caused by cold or flu infection. 
It loosens the mucus build up in your nasal cavities and respiratory
It helps to reduce your weight too. For effective results, drink a glass of warm lemon water daily in the morning. 
It also helps to reduce cramps in stomach occurs due to over eating or raw eaten things.
It improves blood circulation .
It  breaks down the built up of deposits in the nervous system and burns 
It also repairs the skin cells, rejuvenates your skin and improves skin elasticity.
It helps you to take your sleep in effective manner  which makes you feel fresh in the morning.

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